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Axline Principles of Play Therapy

Books - Most Read Books
Books - Play Therapy - Publications and Books
Books - Reviewed Books
Books - Review - Classroom Tales
Books - Review - Expressive in Trauma
Books - Review - Drama Therapy
Books - Review - Introduction to PowerPoint
Books - Review - Therapeutic Story Writing
Books - Review - Therapists in Court

Career Development - Introduction
Career Development Map
Career Development - Four Stage Training Model

Child Psychotherapy and Clinical Psychology (CPCP)

Clinical Governance

Clinical Supervision of Play Therapy

Competency Model - The Basis of Play Therapy Standards

Conditions that Therapeutic Play and Play Therapy can help - A short check list

Courses - One Day Introductory
Courses - Certificate
Courses - Diploma
Courses - Master
Courses - Other
Courses - Supervision
Courses - Trainer Courses

Courses - Training Resources

Guidelines for Referring Children Based on the Observation of Play

Entry to Play Therapy Profession

Ethical Framework - Fitness to Practice
Ethical Framework - Good Quality of Care
Ethical Framework - Introduction
Ethical Framework - Keeping Trust
Ethical Framework - Personal Qualities
Ethical Framework - Principles
Ethical Framework - Probityin Practice
Ethical Framework - Professional Conduct Practice
Ethical Framework - Projecting a Positive Image
Ethical Framework - Research
Ethical Framework - Responsibilities to All Clients
Ethical Framework - Supervising and Managing
Ethical Framework - Teaching and Training
Ethical Framework - When Things Go Wrong
Ethical Framework - Values Informing the Ethical Framework

Filial Play Definition

Finding Help

Helping Children with Emotional, Literacy, Behaviour and Mental Health Problems

Membership - Details of Benefits, Certification, Resources, Grades and Fees
Membership - Memorandum of Association
Membership - Register of Members
Membership - Standing Orders

Play Therapy - Deciding What to Do
Play Therapy - Different Uses of Play
Play Therapy - Our Role in the Professional Regulation of the Play Therapy Profession
Play Therapy - Play Continuum
Play Therapy - Play Definition
Play Therapy - Play For Life
Play Therapy - Play Therapy Definition
Play Therapy - Play Work Definition
Play Therapy - Therapeutic Play Work
Play Therapy - Users of Play Therapy

Play Therapy Dimensions Model - Introduction

PTISA - About Us
PTISA - Affiliation
PTISA - Benefits of Affiliation
PTISA - Contact Us - Basic Contact Information
PTISA - Links Page
PTISA - News Page
PTISA - Privacy
PTISA - Terms

Profession Structure Model - Introduction
Profession Structure Model - Illustrative Example of a Competence
Profession Structure Model - Competencies List
Profession Structure Model - Play Therapist Competency Profile


Severity Guidelines

SEPACTO - Introduction
SEPACTO (System for Evaluating Play and Creative Arts Therapy Outcomes)

Standards - Play Therapy, Therapeutic Play and Filial Play
Standards - Development of Play Therapy Standards
Standards - South Africa
Therapeutic Play Continuum - Background
Therapeutic Play Continuum - Definition
Therapeutic Play Continuum - FAQs

Working with Other Professional Bodies

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