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When Things Go Wrong
Practitioners should respond promptly and appropriately to any complaint received from their clients or carers. An appropriate response in agency-based services would take account of any agency policy and procedures. Practitioners should endeavour to remedy any harm they may have caused to their clients and to prevent any further harm. An apology may be the appropriate response.

Practitioners should discuss, with their supervisor, manager or other experienced practitioner(s), the circumstances in which they may have harmed a client in order to ensure that the appropriate steps have been taken to mitigate any harm and to prevent any repetition.

Practitioners are strongly encouraged to ensure that their work is adequately covered by insurance for professional indemnity and liability.

If practitioners consider that they have acted in accordance with good practice but their client or carer is not satisfied that this is the case, they may wish to use independent dispute resolution, for example: seeking a second professional opinion, mediation, or conciliation where this is both appropriate and practical.

Carers and if appropriate clients should be informed about the existence of the Professional Conduct Procedure of PTUK and any other applicable complaints or disciplinary procedures.

If requested to do so, practitioners should inform clients, their carers and those legally responsible for them about how they may obtain further information concerning these procedures.

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