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PTI's research policies and activities are based on our systemic view of play therapy practice. This shows the importance of the evidence base upon which our competency framework, the foundation of training, learning and practice is constructed. PTI's approach to play therapy practice is evidence based.

In turn the evidence base is updated by original research and practice based evidence.  The main emphasis of our current research programme is practice based evidence which is stored and analysed in the SEPACTO national database of play therapy clinical outcomes. This uses data derived from practice as a by product of clinical governance.  It's results are more likely to be replicated by others in future practice.  It is also used to justify funding on play therapy services.  When PTI was formed there was a dearth of quantitative research upon the efficacy of play therapy. The latest findings (see news for details) are based on over 1600 cases which show that 70% of children receiving play therapy from PTI Members exhibit a positive change. This continuous research programme places PTI firmly in the lead of play therapy research.

It is felt that the main objective, set some five years ago, that the research priority was quantitative research to establish the effectiveness of play therapy has now been achieved in the UK. Whilst this type of research needs to continue, especially in other countries to ascertain if there is a similar beneficial effect, there now needs to be change of emphasis. We propose to develop three main areas:
  1. The proportional use and the benefit of the various creative arts media that make up the ‘Play Therapy Tool-Kit’
  2. The efficacy of play and creative arts therapies upon various conditions such as trauma, forms of autisim, ADHD, anger etc
  3. Provide more encouragement and help for individual qualiitative research projects that explore new areas

Please email your comments to Jeff Thomas - Director of Research at: jefferyht@majemail.com

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