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Research Policies and Results


Practice Based Research - Latest Clinical Outcomes
Client Attributes, Intervention, Assessment of Difficulties & Pro-Social
Results - Changes, Summary & Action Points

Results - Changes in Pro-Social Scores
The outcomes of the pro-social scores is also positive but not quite to the extent of total difficulties, with 54% of the clients overall showing a positive change. Similarly the worse the pre-therapy score, the greater the percentage

Pro-social post therapy changes where the initial

Results - Changes in Total Differences By Gender
Another interesting question: ‘Is there any difference in outcomes between boys and girls?’ We can say with a great deal of confidence based upon 1323 boys and 528 girls.




  • Between 67% and 84% of children show a positive change following play therapy
  • The worse the problem - the greater the percentage of children that improve
  • Although there is little difference between the pre-therapy assessments by referrers and parents, in the total difficulties domain, there is a more pronounced one in the pro-social domain where referrers have given a more negative assessment.
  • 68% of clients are boys - there is no significant difference in pre or post therapyscores by gender

Action Points
The following points are suggested to help you get the best out of this research information:
  • Make sure that your current line manager or the person(s) deciding your funding are aware of the outcomes.
  • Use this current data and analysis in any future presentations and proposals that you make.
  • Emphasise the large number of cases upon which the research is based.
  • Compare your own SDQ data to see how it compares to the overall results. If there are any significant differencies try to objectively reason why.
Encourage the school or organisation that you work for to use the SDQ with ALL children at appropriate stages to produce and emotional and mental health profiles and to identify children that might have fallen through the referral net.. Prepare copies of all of your pre and post therapy SDQ forms, made client anonomous where necessary, for

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